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'Pitarakia', the best snack to eat in the island.

    Pitarakia(Πιταράκια, Πιταράκια Μήλου, πιταράκια) is a specialty of Milos Island, consisting of small half-moon-shaped pastries filled with cheese. The pastry dough is typically made with flour, olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt, and lukewarm water, while the filling may be as simple as crumbled local cheese (such…

'Karpouzopita', a traditional sweet dish from Milos.

  Karpouzopita (Karpouzenia, Καρπουζόπιτα) is a sweet summer specialty of the Greek island of Milos, consisting of watermelon flesh, sugar, local thyme honey, flour, cinnamon, and olive oil. This dish derives its name from the Greek words karpouzi, meaning watermelon, and pita, which means pie or flat.   The watermelon mixture is poured into a baking…